Saturday, March 23, 2013

Microsoft Cloud: Office 365, Windows Intune & Windows Azure

Getting to know Office 365 closer I have learned a few things about Microsoft's cloud offerings here and there, including Windows Intune and Windows Azure as well as Office 365. Starting today I'm gonna start writing blog entries about what I learn on a daily basis, share the knowledge sort of thing.

I'm gonna start presenting on these technologies as well, so, if you need me to come present sometime, please email, or call me and I'll be there. All I ask of you is to bring people and an internet connection.

I'll probably concentrate on Office 365 for the next few blog posts, but then I'll start mixing and matching as we go along.

To start with let me first guide you to where you can get more details on each product:
  1. Office 365
  2. Windows Intune
  3. Windows Azure
If you don't know much about any of these, don't worry, we'll cover each with detail.

Yes, I still Bing as my main search engine, I use Windows 8, I have a Windows Phone 8 mobile, the lovely Nokia Lumia 920 and my sons love their Surface RT!!

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