Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hold on sugar!

Mahed Chand blogged about why he thinks developers should choose C# over VB.Net here. I commented on his blog and am hereby repeating my response here.

I'll cut to the chase. I strongly disagree. I have nothing against C# but VB is still the language of choice.

Here is what I think;

  1. If you are migrating from VB, then migrate to VB.Net. You're still gonna have to learn a lot, but the syntax is still 70% the same. Unlike C# where the syntax is 90% different.
  2. The VB developer environment is at least twice as productive as that of C#. A bit more verbose, but still more productive.
  3. Compiled VB code is smaller than that of C# (even though by a very small margin).
  4. Where I live, VB developers average salary is MUCH higher than that of the C# counterpart.
  5. Both VB and C# can do 99% of what the other can do.
  6. In Orcas (the new Visual Studio from Microsoft, set to be released later this year) VB.Net supports a wider range of Lambda expressions.
  7. More people have downloaded the Express edition of VB than C# (Source: Microsoft at MVP Global Summit).
  8. Your sister site is VB .Net Heaven :-)



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