Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Year of the Mobile!!

That's it! Its official! I'm calling 2007 the year of the mobile!

First Apple announce their upcoming iPhone, then Nokia announces their new E90 Communicator. Then i-mate announces their Ultimate range. And the cherry on top off the cake, Microsoft announces their new Windows Mobile 6.

There's a Windows Mobile 6 Pro Video 1st Look that shows some of the new things in WM6, which I think should be called WM5.5 instead, because the enhancement are NOT worth a major version upgrade (I do, however, think you should upgrade your mobile device should you be given the chance). Here's the unofficial "What's new in Windows Mobile 6".

The things I like most are (in random order):

  • Vista effects: almost everything looks like everything in Vista.
  • Enhanced security: you can encrypt the contents of your storage card.
  • HTML email support: no more that ugly text.
  • Enhanced Office Support: office documents look almost as good as on the pc.
  • Windows update!!!!
  • Internet sharing!!!!
For those developers out there here's the 'What's New for Developers in Windows Mobile 6' and finally another 'Review of Windows Mobile 6 - Codename Crossbow'.

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