I've been infected, with the Porsche Virus!

My brother-in-law, God bless him, was able to get me an invitation to the annual 'Porsche World RoadShow', where a number of people get the opportunity to test drive a number of Porsche's.

By test drive, I don't just mean, take-it-around-the-block test drive, I mean, a real pedal-to-the-metal test drive. I always heard about 3.6 second 0-to-100 acceleration and 220+ kilometer-per-hours speeds, but this is the first time EVER that I actually experience this.

Among the cars we tested were: 3 Cayennes (a Turbo, an S and naturally aspirated one), 3 Carreras (a 4GS, a Cabriolet and a normal one) and a Boxster S.

I mean, we were on fire! Naturally we had police escort. I took pictures (and a coupla videos) of the speed-o-meters while driving (yes, I'm mad!) just to prove to myself that this wasn't a dream; and to show everybody that I really did this!

I wish they'd invite me next year, and the year after that...  and the one after that...

My favorite one was the Cayenne S.

Cayenne Turbo


Cayeene S

3 Cayennes

The Carreras

Check out the video!



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