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Follow me on Twitter…

I just created my Twitter account. I know, I know, what took me so long… why so late…Truth is… I didn’t think it would make a difference… right until 2 days ago when I realized it does make a difference…So, here goes… follow me…, by the way, you can also find me on Facebook…

Microsoft Maren

Almost every Arabic speaking person I know does this; they write Arabic words using English letters. When chatting, SMSing or even blogging.That’s somewhat normal, since they’ve memorized the English keyboard by heart. The problem is, some of the letters in the Arabic alphabet are missing in English, and therefore people have replaced these with numbers and combinations of numbers and letters.For example, the Arabic letter ‘ع’ is replaced with the number ‘3’. And the letter ‘ء’ with ‘2’. Which makes the name ‘علاء’ in Arabic translate to ‘3ala2’ in English literals.If anything, this makes reading very difficult.Introducing Maren, Microsoft Egypt’s solution to the problem! Watch the video on the site and you’ll understand…Download it here.Links:

Xbox 360: Project Natal

I’ve heard about this a great number of times but never thought it was this good! If you thought (like I did) the Wii was good… take a look at this!! Like my friend Shijaz said: no words, just watch and see.

Farewell Windows XP, Hello Windows 7

I just formatted my laptop. It is something I have not done ever since I bought my laptop almost 2 years ago, which came with Windows XP preinstalled.I formatted it to install Windows 7 which, as an MSDN subscriber, I had first hand access to. I did everything right, I backed up my previous C: drive (I keep all my files on the D: drive) and made emergency bootable media just in case.I inserted my Windows 7 DVD and restarted. A few clicks later, the installation was on its way. Thus far, I have to say, things were looking pretty good. Less than 30 minutes later the installation was complete and I was running Windows 7 for the first time ever.I have to admit I was hyper-excited. I’d only had 4 hours of sleep the night before and was falling half asleep between clicks, but, it was all worth it. The ‘adrenaline was pumping fast’ as they say on reality TV shows.Just to clear things up; my laptop’s a 1.6GHz Gateway with 3GB memory and 160GB HDD, and a VGA capable of running Aero. Towards th…