Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vista Speech Recognition

I've always been a fan of speech recognition. I don't really know why though. I'm a touch typist and I don't really need voice recognition to speed things up, so that never was the reason. Something about its sci-fi appeal I guess.

I always wanted to develop speech recognizing applications, but the problem was, the commercial uses for such software has been less than dismal.

Anyway, Microsoft has released a "Windows Vista Speech Recognition Step by Step Guide". In which, Microsoft has detailed such things as how to;

Create, dictate, and save a document
  1. Say "Start Listening."
  2. Say "Open WordPad."
  3. Say "This is a test of speech recognition period." Note:Remember to pronounce punctuation.
  4. To correct mistakes, say "correct" and the word that the computer typed by mistake, and then pick the correct word from the list offered by Speech Recognition, repeat the correct word again. For example, if the computer misrecognized "speech" as "peach," say "correct peach," and then choose the right word from the list, or say the word "speech" again.
  5. To save the document, say "File", then say "Save As."
  6. Say "Test document."
  7. Say "Save."

Nice, real deal sci-fi!

Check it out here,


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